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The DryMac Water Bath is manufactured from high quality stainless steel for longevity. Coupled to an integrated stainless steel conveyor running a modular belt, the Water Bath effortlessly separates old harvest from new ensuring you get the best possible results from your processing.


The DryMac Water Bath is available today.

drymac water baths

Built from the highest quality materials, right down to the nuts and bolts

The water bath is typically used for the first few rounds of the harvest. DryMac Water Baths are designed to efficiently sort good Wet Nut In Shell (WNIS) from last seasons old, dry nuts.

The fresh WNIS will sink to the bottom of the Water Bath and be picked up by a partially submerged conveyor.
Any old, dried nuts that have been picked up and included with the new harvest will float and be carried away in the water out flow from the bath.

An important factor in the flotation sorting process is the removal of the free water accumulated on the NIS during the water bath.
The conveyor used to carry the good WNIS uses a perforated modular belt to allow water to pass off the nut and through the belt. This important feature ensures that free water is reduced before the nuts enter the drying process.

DryMac also produce an Airknife Dryer that can be connected to the Water Bath conveyor to almost eliminate free water.

The DryMac range of processing equipment is carefully designed to provide financial savings, increased quality and throughput together with having an environmentally sustainable approach in the macadamia drying process.

Drymac water baths

Water Bath Features


• High quality stainless steel construction.
• PVC pipework, connectors and plugs.


• TBC.


• 220v power to run the pump.
• An available water supply to refill the bath when required (system is closed loop and does not require running water to operate)

Additional Equipment

• Stainless steel conveyor with perforated, modular belt.
• High velocity Airknife to eliminate free water.
drymac water baths

Designing your processing plant, or redesigning as you grow, does not have to be expensive. The Water Baths unique reversible design allows it to be placed easily into your existing process. The DryMac Water Bath ensures that

your harvest is kept to the highest possible quality by reducing the possibility of old nuts entering the dryer and, combined with the DryMac Airknife, eliminates free water from the dryer. This in turn generates increased kernal recovery revenues, lower dryer operating costs and reduced drying times.

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