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The Rocket works MacStove

The Rocket Works MacStove is

Easy to light, fun to use, beautiful to look at.

The Rocket Works MacStove is available to purchase from the Rocket Works website store

The Rocket Works MacStove

A clean burning cooking stove that is virtually smokeless and can burn up to 2 hours on a single filling of macadamia  shells.

The MacStove is also a great source of heat both indoors and outdoors, requiring a small amount of ventilation if used indoors! Perfect for the winter months wherever you are.

This beautiful stove is also technically amazing. Cleverly designed to be an ultra efficient gasifier stove manufactured from high quality stainless steel, the MacStove is an extremely effective, safe and convenient way to cook while simultaneously protecting your health and the environment. The heat shield acts as an insulator around the fire chamber and, combined with the powder coated cage design, ensures that the outer cage remains cool to the touch even after hours of cooking.

The burnt shells, once cooled, are an excellent source of biochar and can be added to compost heaps or simply crushed and dug back into the soil to help reclaim degraded soil.

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