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The rocket works drymac

An innovation in Macadamia drying solutions.

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The DryMac combines refrigeration technology with heat pump drying.

The Rocket Works Drymac

Utilising an energy-efficient
and auto-continuous
drying process

for a variety of applications in agriculture, forestry, and other industrial operations. The DryMac uses up a fraction of the electricity than conventional electric driers and excels in all tough climates throughout the drying season. Whatever your climate, DryMac will reduce your costs and increase your control of the drying process.
Our range of driers include one that cures, one that stores, and one that does both, all with the ability to transport products effectively. This 3-in-1 technology empowers growers to reach new markets and safeguard their product for longer periods.

The Rocket Works DryMac engenders financial savings, increased quality and throughput together with having an environmentally sustainable approach in the drying process of macadamias.

The Rocket Works Drymac

Drier Features 

Processing Capacity

20ft Container – 22m3
40ft Container – 44m3
per drying cycle


• Agricultural produce
• Various other heating and
drying applications

Power Supply Options

• 380V power
• Plug in and dry - easy set up
• Solar Panels (optional extra)


• PLC monitoring system which sends notifications directly to your PC
The Rocket Works Drymac

3 - 1  Drying Solution 


curing to exact mc%


Refrigerated Storage
with humidity control


The Rocket Works Drymac

The drier removes moisture at the correct rate

and can cure the product to specified moisture content. The technology enables the drier to be incredibly versatile. The specific moisture content required for the owner’s dried product can be set and controlled prior to the storage phase. The drying process not only supplies the desired cured product but is also able to produce and capture water from the process.

20ft Container – 22m3
available volume

Length: 6000mm
Width: 2400mm
Height: 2900mm

2 x bins of 11m3 each
Maximum 8 tons of WNIS per bin (wet nut in shell)
depending on moisture content.

40ft Container – 44m3
Available volume

Length: 12000mm
Width: 2400mm
Height: 2900mm

4 x bins of 11m3 each
Maximum 8 tons of WNIS per bin (wet nut in shell) depending on moisture content.

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