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The rocket works drymac conveyors

Keeping your drying process moving is fundamental...
DryMac conveyors are modular, rugged and designed for your environment.

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Drymac conveyors

Manufactured from high quality galvanized steel for strength and durability.

Modular design allows for lengthening of the conveyor with no cutting or welding. Periodic maintenance is simple.

Two different size motors with matched gearboxes and VSD's are available as standard. The drive specifications can be changed to your requirements.

High quality belts provide resilience and longevity throughout the harvest period, maximising your production time.

A full range of accessories are available to augment each type of conveyor.

All conveyors are available in 4 different widths giving you further control of your production layout and capacity. 200mm, 300mm, 600mm and 900mm widths
give you complete flexibility.


Drier Features 


• Incline Conveyors
• Sorting Conveyers
• Cross Conveyors
• In Flow Conveyors to dryers
• Water Bath Conveyors
• Portable Conveyors

Modular Design

•  Extra sections can be added
quickly or sections can be easily removed.
• No cutting or welding required.


• Extremely robust galvanized steel.
• Available in 4 widths
   • 200mm, 300mm,
   • 600mm, 900mm
• Stainless Steel available on request.
• Powder coating available on request
• Flat PVC belts
• Flighted/Cleated incline belts
• Modular, perforated belts

Power Options

• 0.37kW or 0.55kW motor as standard 
• Matched gearboxes with ratios specified for the conveyors role 
• Variable Speed Drives (VSD's) available if required


•  Extra sections with all required fittings
•  Portable, static or adjustable legs
•  Lighting and mountings
•  Conveyor covers/lids
•  Chutes & hoppers

A conveyor should never be a bottle neck in your process. Clever design, powerful motors and durable components ensure your conveyor fulfills it's role in your production line.

As your capacity expands it can become expensive to buy and install new conveyors to meet your increased capacity or new processing layout. A fully modular design keeps DryMac conveyor costs low and allows you the flexibility to lengthen or shorten your conveyor without cutting or welding. Our conveyors are guaranteed to fit into your new or existing process.

Utilising high performance motors, gearboxes and variable speed drives (VSD’s), the DryMac conveyors give you the performance and control during the demanding macadamia drying process and allows you to accurately control the capacity throughput of you production line.

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