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DryMac is a complete range of high quality, high performancemacadamia processing equipment.
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Macadamia farming and processing is a young and flourishing industry. DryMac understands that the equipment you use needs to be robust, durable and efficient. 

Drymac  from rocket works

is an integrated system designed to produce the best results at a fraction of the cost of operating current equipment and with unrivaled precision.

The Macadamia Processing System that grows with you and your yield.

DryMac Heat Pump DryerDryMac Conveyors Macadamia Agricultural
The Rocket Works Drymac

DryMac Product Range 

Heat Pump Dryers

• 6m Heat Pump Dryer – 16 tonnes WNIS
• 12m Heat Pump Dryer - 32 tonnes WNIS

Uses up to 7 times less electricity than an electric dryer  

Modular Dryer

• 5.5 tonnes dehusked WNIS
• 4.4 tones DNIS
Scalable as your yield increases.
Standalone dryer on industrial castors.

Produce Drier

A modular dryer designed specifically for drying leaves, fruit and berries.
Based on the Modular Dryer but utilising trays to hold the produce.


• Sorting Conveyors
• Cross conveyors
• Incline Conveyors
Available in galvenised steel or stainless steel.
Effective, integrated, stainless steel design. 

Air Knife

High powered system to remove free water. 


Revolutionary design.
Highly effective.
Very low maintenance.


Easy to light, fun to use
beautiful to look at.

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