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The rocket works MacStove

Easy to light, fun to use, beautiful to look at.

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A MacStove can have a huge impact on global sustainability by significantly reducing harmful emissions, deforestation rates and the number of cooking related deaths worldwide.

Whether you are cooking or just relaxing, enjoying the heat and watching the flames, the MacStove is the perfect environmentally friendly stove for you.
Once lit this gasifier stove burns clean and smokeless. One load of the Macadamia nut shells (1.3kg) burns up to 2 hours.
The use of the shells aids in reducing deforestation and the end resulting charcoal is brilliant biochar for your garden compost. 

Rocket Works stoves hold an extremely unique position.
Our stoves actually produce carbon credits.
This not only effectively eliminates the stoves own footprint but actually continues to produce credits throughout its lifecycle. Our stoves have been successfully implemented in various carbon credit and carbon trading projects throughout the world.

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