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The rocket works drymac Produce dryer

Drying produce is a science that we understand.

Energy efficient fans and design  create the perfect drying environment.

Modular design gives you scalability.

Fully compatible with the DryMac Heat Pump Dryer.
Up to 120 trays of produce per dryer (based on product type).

The Produce Dryer is available now. 
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The Drymac Produce Drier

Drying any produce in hot and humid conditionsshould be done with 
heat pump technology.

Chaotic drying in hot humid conditions often results in low quality produce, longer drying cycles and financial losses

Focused drying saves electricity. With heat pump technology the electricity energy cost can be 7 time less than the cost of heating elements and “the potential for heat damage is less.”
Dorran Bungay
The DRYMAC range of dryers include a modular drying system for younger farms with smaller yields.

The DryMac Produce Dryers are cost effective solutions for small scale drying needs and is scalable as your yield increases.
This plug and play, modular system will upgrade easily to fit into the full
DryMac Heat Pump Dryer

The Drymac Produce dryer

 Produce Dryer Features 


The Modular Drying Solution that grows with you 


Fan assisted drying of
smaller yields
.Up to 120 trays per Dryer.


Add more modular dryers and switch to heat pump drying for better quality and power saving efficiencies


The modular dryers can be plugged into the full DryMac Heat Pump Drying System as your yield grows

The Produce Dryer is the most effective way to  improve quality and boost profit during the drying season.

The dryer removes moisture at the correct rate and can cure the product to specified moisture content improving quality of the produce and boosting your bottom line profits.

The modular dryer eliminates the need to install, manage and maintain a furnace reducing your initial spend and ongoing costs.

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