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The rocket works drymac

Modular conveyors created to order, specifically for your needs.
Sorting Conveyors
Incline Conveyors
Cross Conveyors 

DryMac conveyors are available today. 

Drymac COnveyors

Built from the highest quality materials, right down to the nuts and bolts 

DryMac conveyors utilise efficient and rugged motors and gearboxes to keep your processing plant running when you need it.

Our standard range of conveyors include:
- incline conveyors
- sorting conveyors
- cross conveyors
The conveyors are available in 1.2m increments and can be built to any length you specify. We also produce our conveyors in a number of different widths.
All this flexibility means we can supply you with the exact conveyor to meet your needs.

Better still, our conveyors are modular in design so you can extend or shorten your conveyor by simply removing or adding 1.2m or 2.4m sections. Of course, you will need to adjust your belt to match the new length but the conveyor structure can be adjusted with a few hand tools. 

The DryMac range of processing equipment is carefully designed to provide financial savings, increased quality and throughput together with having an environmentally sustainable approach in the macadamia drying process.

Drymac conveyors

Conveyor Features 

Types of Conveyors

• Incline Conveyors
• Sorting Conveyors
• Cross Conveyors
• Cross conveyors with dirvertors

Available Widths

• 200mm
• 300mm
• 600mm
• 900mm

Power Train

• 0.37kW or 0.55kW electric motor
• 40:1 gearbox (as standard)
• State of the art Variable Speer Drive with soft start


• Available in 2.4m standard lengths and in 1.2m extra lengths


• Flat PVC (various colours)
• Flighted PVC (various pitches)
• Modular perforated


• Galvenised steel 
• Powder coated steel
• Stainless steel


• Acrylic covers to protect the produce from contamination
• Hoppers
• Extra legs
Conveyors Macadamia AgriculturalTop
Drymac conveyors

Designing your processing plant, or redesigning as you grow, does not have to be expensive. The DryMac Conveyor Modular Designensures that you can

change the length of your conveyors at any time with a few hand tools. Of course, you will need to change the belt to fit the new length.

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